5 Tips for Beginner Bakers

5 Tips for Beginner Bakers

Are you new to baking? Or maybe you need a little refresher. Here are 5 tips that every beginner baker should know!

1. Don’t ignore the instructions

Sometimes in a recipe, you’ll see something like “3 cups of sifted all-purpose flour”.  You’ll look at that and think do I really need to sift the flour? YES! YES! YES! Take it from someone who has tried ignoring little instructions like that…. It says sifted for a reason!


2. Avoid opening and closing the oven door

It’s tempting sometimes to keep opening the oven door to check on how your cake is rising or cookies are spreading. But, every time you do this cool air comes into your oven, making the temperature go down. This will affect the way your baked goods come out.


3. Butter and flour your pans

Flouring your pans is a must when making cakes, muffins, bread, or anything that can stick to a pan! Simply rub cold butter onto the pan and then dump about a tablespoon of flour on the pan and swirl it around until the flour sticks to all of the butter. Tap off any excess flour and you’re good to go with stick proof pans!

*And don’t worry a blog with pictures is coming to help explain this process a little better


4. Be patient when softening butter

When a recipe calls for “softened butter” it’s tempting to just microwave it, but we all know sometimes it becomes melted butter… The consistency of the butter will be a thousand times better if you just leave it out on the counter for about 30 minutes. I know this takes patience, but it’s definitely worth it!


5. Don’t over mix

I saved this one for last because it’s a MUST (at least for most recipes). Recipes such as angel food cake will call for a lot of mixing, but normally you do not want to over mix your batter. Over mixing could make your cake stiff and chewy. My rule of thumb is to mix the ingredients until the batter is just combined, then you’re good to go!

5 Tips for Beginner Bakers