Top 5 Quotes about Charity from Pope Francis

Top 5 Quotes about Charity from Pope Francis

Pope Francis is one of the most humble and caring individuals we have ever witnessed. In his words and actions, he demonstrates all the time how deeply he cares for the poor and the sick. So, we have compiled what we believe are his wisest words on Charity! 

Number 5:

“True charity requires courage: let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need.” (9/21/13)

Number 4:

“Be attentive to the needs of the poor, the suffering, the lonely, for whoever has chosen to love Jesus cannot but love his neighbor.”

Number 3:

“To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us” (10/18/14)

Number 2:

“Faith opens the gates of charity, making us want to imitate Jesus, urging us to do good, instilling the courage to act according to the example of the Good Samaritan. “(12/20/14)

And the best for last…


Number 1:

“Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor.” (11/24/13, no. 2)


WOW! Just take a moment to appreciate these wise words.


We live in a world where it is so easy to get caught up in ourselves, in our phones, in our relationships, and in all of the distractions that surround us. These quotes remind us to take a step back from our selfishness to love our neighbors and help them!

Top 5 Quotes Charity-Pope Francis