10 FREE Kid Friendly Summer Activities

10 FREE Kid Friendly Summer Activities

Kids love the summer! With no school, 24/7 playtime, and video games what kid wouldn’t love summer? But for the moms or babysitters, summer can be an overwhelming time…

So, here are 10 amazingly easy and FREE summer activities for you and your kiddos:

1. Make an epic blanket fort.

Gather some blankets and then go for it! You’ll be surprised how much time flies by when designing an indoor fort.

2. Go rock hunting for the coolest rock.

Take everyone outside to search for the coolest rock. Make different rock categories to see who can find the “prettiest” rock or the “darkest” rock.

 3. Play fill up the cup.

Line up the kids one by one and give them each an empty cup, except for the person in the front of the line. Give the person in the front a cup of water filled to the tippy top. Then they must turn around and pour the cup over their head into the next players empty cup. This game will get a lot of laughs and will cool off the kids on a hot day.

 4. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt.Slide1

Simply make a list of different objects kids could find outdoors. Some sample objects could be: a red leaf, a purple flower, a circle rock, a worm, a stick, etc. Then have the kids race to find each item.

 5. Take lunch outdoors.

Pack up the lunch supplies, grab an old blanket, and take lunch outside. An impromptu picnic can be a lot of fun!

 6. Get creative with the clouds.

Take the kids outside, lie down on your backs, and see who can come up with the most creative cloud figures.

7. Make mud pies.

This one may get messy… All you need is some dirt, water, and a little imagination.

8. Have a PJ day

Stay in your PJs, play classic sleepover games, play movies, make popcorn, and even make breakfast for dinner!

9. Teach your kids how to cook

Pick out a recipe you were planning to make for lunch or dinner and let the kids join you. You could give them each a job and then make them taste testers at the end.

10. Have a photo shoot

Let the kids dress up in their favorite or their wackiest outfit and then host a photo shoot. Put on some music and take your phone and snap away. You can make some great memories doing this!