The Best Prayer for Anxiety!

The Best Prayer for Anxiety!

Did you know that anxiety is natural? It’s normal for a person to get anxious or nervous before a test or a work assignment. However, when your anxiety begins controlling your decisions that’s when you need a little pick me up.

From personal experiences, I have witnessed anxiety physically and mentally tear down many of my friends, my family, and myself. It’s no fun.  

When you are feeling the terrible worries, fears, doubts, and troubles there is a prayer you can always turn to. This prayer has incredible powers. It is just a simple way to call to Jesus and ask His help during your struggle. And let me tell you it works!

Just the title itself is beautiful! So, I encourage you to take two minutes to read this prayer. Save it, print it off, and use it whenever you need to! Keep it on your mirror, in your journal, in your purse, on your desk, or anywhere you think you could use it!

Prayer for Peace of Heart

Prayer originally from: St. Joseph Church

The Best Prayer for Anxiety!