50 Easy Acts of Kindness

50 Easy Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness are a simple, yet beautiful way to share your Christian faith with others. By doing them you demonstrate the compassion and love for human beings that Jesus too showed.

Here are 50 easy acts of kindness you can do just about anywhere!


1. Genuinely smile at people you pass

2. Help someone with their hands full put their groceries in his/her car

3. Bake cookies for your local firefights and/or police department

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter

5. Clean out your closet and donate your unneeded clothes

6. Give up the front seat to someone

7. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru

8. Donate extra food to your local food bank

9. Tip a little extra to a kind waitress

10. Make cheerful cards for children at St. Jude’s Hospital

11. Buy a homeless person a hot meal

12. Leave change in the vending machine

13. Make cookies for an elderly home

14. Make loving cards for seniors in an elderly home

15. Bake goodies for your co-workers or friends

16. Have a cheerful conversation with the person at the checkout

17. Offer a cool drink to the mail carrier or garbage men

18. Donate a few extra dollars to an honorable non-profit

19. Take a friend out to lunch

20. Leave uplifting sticky notes for your family or friends

21. Thank someone who is always there for you

22. Give someone a hug

23. Buy a coffee for the person behind you50 Acts Kindness

24. Thank your mom for all she does for you

25. Hold the door for someone

26. Compliment a random stranger

27. Offer to run an errand for someone

28. Surprise a loved one with lunch at work

29. Take flowers to the hospital, for the hard working nurses

30. Pick out a cute photo of someone and mail it to him or her

31. Make a meal for a busy mother

32. Visit your grandparents or an elderly loved one

33. Give someone you love a caring phone call

34. Donate flowers to your church

35. Plant a flower or tree

36. Buy a little gift for a friend or co-worker

37. Send a thank you letter to a soldier

38. Leave a flower on a neighbor’s doorstep

39. Be a good listener

40. Offer to babysit for free

41. Buy a lotto ticket and give it to a stranger

42. Let someone go in front of you in line

43. Make positive small talk with a stranger

44. Donate old sheets and blankets to your local animal shelter

45. Donate blood

46. Drop off a toy or two for a child in the hospital

47. Buy some dog or cat food for your local animal shelter

48. Leave a kind note in the library for someone to find

49. Make chicken soup for a friend who’s sick

50. Compliment a mom with her children.

Little acts of kindness can seriously brighten someone’s day!