How to Pack a Carry-On Like a Boss!

How to Pack a Carry-On Like a Boss!

Are you flying somewhere soon? Maybe a weekend getaway or a short business trip… If you’re leaving for just a few days you may want to cut costs and go with a carry-on rather than checking luggage.

Here are the best tips to packing a perfect carry-on:

First layout all the items you need.

Here is what I needed for a business trip:

1. Undergarments     2. Dresses & Pumps     3. Jewelry/Accessories      4. Extra shirts

5. Pjs     6. Workout clothing & tennis shoes     7. One casual outfit      8. Beauty products

Carry On Packing List


Laying out all the items will help you see what’s missing.


Make sure you put liquids in a quart size bag:

Packing Liquids


Then, place PJs, workout clothes, and casual wear in the right compartment of the carry-on.

These are the clothes you’re not too worried about getting squished.



I fold the clothes in half to prevent wrinkles and save space.

Shirt Folded


Then, lay anything that can wrinkle easily on top of the casual clothes.

I laid my dresses flat on top.



Next, place shoes on the left side.


Then add your loose items around your shoes.

Such as your hair products, makeup, and any liquids. (I like keeping the liquids on this side so they are zipped away from the clothes, just in case something leaks.)



Lastly, place any undergarments in the zippers on the left side.




This is a simple way to pack your carry-on and really does help save storage space!