10 Signs You’re Stressed

10 Signs You’re Stressed

Maybe you’ve been working all year. Or maybe your role as “mommy” has worn you thin. Or maybe school assignments have got you on edge. Whatever it may be, stress can be a serious problem that haunts many of us. If you match any of these signs then maybe it’s time to take a hot bath, a few days off, or even a full on vacation!

1. You’re forgetting things.

Believe it or not, but anxiety has been found to cause forgetfulness and negatively affect one’s clarity. This can cause people to have memory loss and forget little day-to-day things.


2. You’re breaking out.

Studies have found that stress can greatly increase one’s likelihood of having an acne flare-up.


3. You’re always tired.

Being stressed or having anxiety can be physically and emotionally tiring. Therefore, many times people under stress feel the need to nap or rest their eyes.


4. You’re getting angry easily.

(I didn’t cite any studies for this one because this side effect happens to me all the time.) When I’m stressed I tend to be short with people and blow up easier… It’s a bad side effect that demonstrates I need to take a step back and calm my mind.


5. You’re gaining weight.

The effects of stress are real! They can be emotionally and physically draining. Read to learn about these 10 signs of stress.

Individuals under stress may find themselves grabbing unhealthy food to-go or eating to fill their emotional need. Some studies have even suggested that under stress one’s hormones are off balance, which can lead to weight gain.


6. Your stomach is upset.

Stress can make you feel nauseated, give you butterflies, make digestion painful, and do even more to your stomach. If you believe stress is impacting your stomach please see a physician.


7. You’re feeling overwhelmed.

This may be the most common side effect of stress and anxiety. Many people under stress feel physically and mentally overwhelmed, which can cause chest pains, nausea, dizziness, and more.


8. You ‘re having sleepless nights.

Stress can cause one to toss and turn all night worrying. Exercise a few days a week has been shown to help people sleep better. I also use melatonin to help me, as I commonly have restless nights.


9. You’re getting headaches.

Headaches caused by stress can be called tension headaches. Experts believe these headaches come from muscle contractions in the face, neck, and scalp.


10. You’re losing hair.

A hair restoration expert stated that a traumatic event or stressor could cause hair loss two to three months after the stressful experience.


I’m no doctor, but if you are concerned about your stress level please see your physician. Up to 80% of primary physician visits are related to stress but only 3% of patients actually receive help managing their stress….

Walking, controlled breathing, journaling, and exercise can help reduce the feeling of stress.


Don’t let stress control your life!