Top 10 Road Trip Games – with Free Downloads

Top 10 Road Trip Games – with Free Downloads

Take a look at these top 10 car ride games that will help make your road trip a little more enjoyable.

1. The State License Plate Game

This is a classic!  Have a car-wide contest trying to find a license plate for every state. You can use this map to fill in the states as you go (it’s also a great geography lesson).

Click this image to print off the gameState License Plate Game! Not only is this a great car ride game, but it can even be educational

2. The Eye Spy Game

Play normal eye spy, but the tricky part is it has to be something visible to everyone. So it can’t be something the kids in the back can only see or a billboard that has already passed.


3. The Sweet and Sour Game

I used to play this game with my Girl Scout troop. You simply wave to people in other cars or trucks and if they wave or honk back they are sweet. If they never look or don’t wave or honk they are sour. This game can get pretty silly.


4. The Alphabet Game

Another classic. Go down the alphabet trying to locate each letter on a billboard, on a car, or on anything you pass. You can use this chart to keep track of who finds each letter.

Click this image to print off this gameThe Alphabet Game! A perfect road trip game for a competitive family

5. The Song Naming Game

If you enjoy listening to music then this game is for you! One person hums a popular song while everyone else tries to guess the name of the song. The correct guesser wins and then gets to hum a song.


6. The “Found It” Game

Pass out this sheet to everyone in the car. Then have a competition to see who can earn the most points for finding the various items on this list. This game is great because it can last the whole car ride.

Click this image to print off this gameThe Found It Game! A fun game for any road trip!


7. The Color Game

This is just like eye spy, but it’s with colors. Start with the color red and see who finds something red first. Continue guessing with other colors.


8. The 20 Questions Game

Most people may be familiar with this game. One person simply thinks of a person, place, or thing. Then the other guessers ask simple questions trying to discover what the player is thinking of. The only answers the player can give the guessers is “yes” or “no”, or adverbs like, “usually”, “sometimes”, or “rarely”. The guessers only have 20 questions to guess what the player is thinking of.


9. The Punch-Buggy Game

This game can get obnoxious… My brothers and I use to play this one. The first person in the car to see a Volkswagen Beetle simply hollers “Punch-Buggy (the color of the car) no punch backs”, and the individual punches the person next to him. The game continues until you have become thoroughly annoyed.


10. The Picnic Game

This is a memory building game that can be a blast! The first player says, “I went to a picnic Saturday and brought…” then that player thinks of an item they would bring to a picnic that starts with the letter “A” (like apples). The next player repeats the opening phrase with the item for letter “A” and then the second player adds an item to the list that begins with the letter “B”. The game continues jumping to each player trying to get all the way to letter “Z”. Can you do it?

10 games will help keep your family occupied during a road trip!