5 Ways Journaling can Transform Your Life

5 Ways Journaling can Transform Your Life

I use to be SO skeptical of starting a journal. I was worried I would feel like a 10-year-old girl writing about my school crush. But, then one of my friends explained to me the awesome benefits of journaling. To make a long story short, I slowly started journaling during prayer and now I’m hooked!

Here are 5 ways journaling can transform your life:


1. It can give you clarity.

When journaling, you can write down your feelings that maybe wouldn’t come out when talking. It can be a way for you to understand yourself in a deeper manner.

2. It can be a timeline of your transformation.

When you start journaling, you can look through your past entries and see how you have transformed. For example, I wrote in college about my confusion in deciding a career path. Now, that entry almost makes me laugh, I’m completely satisfied with where I am now!

3. It can give you a greater appreciation for your life.

Many times when writing about your experiences you will come to appreciate the people you have around you or the way God works in your life. Writing can be a way for us to reflect on how blessed we are.

4. It can guide you.

Journaling can guide you tremendously! Sometimes we women can be a little on the dramatic side (just sometimes), so writing can help guide us when we are a little too headstrong to listen.

5. It can be a form of prayer.

This is my absolute favorite element of journaling! We all know that prayer can transform one’s life, but when you combine prayer and journaling SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

All jokes aside, when I can’t seem to pay attention or listen during prayer (which happens a lot) I pull out my journal. You can write about absolutely anything that’s on your mind. Watch, because as you write and ask for God’s guidance I promise, you will end your journaling with an amazing sense of comfort.

5 Ways Journaling Can Transform Your Life