Why a Soda Addict became a Water Junkie

Why a Soda Addict became a Water Junkie

I’m going to share my story on WHY the heck I gave up soda. You may think this sounds like a tragedy, but it actually was one of the best health decisions I ever made! So, read along as I share how a total soda addict became a complete water junkie.


I seriously use to be a soda addict. No joke, almost every day I had my favorite, a classic A&W Root Beer. I found that I just loved the feel and taste of soda. I found it ten times more refreshing than water. So, after drinking soda on a regular basis I began literally craving it.


How my habit developed

This whole habit really developed in high school. As a child, I hardly had soda because my mother was very careful (rightfully so) about what types of food and drinks her children consumed. But, when high school rolled around and the majority of kids drank soda at lunch I began buying some. Then I slowly found myself buying more after school and then more on the weekends. That’s when I became a soda junkie addict.


However, the odd thing is that I didn’t even realize how much soda I was drinking. It didn’t even occur to me as a problem. That is until it affected my health…


But I was healthy, right?

I was a very active teenager, playing 4 different sports and devoting at least 10 hours a week to practicing. But, I started noticing by my junior year that I was getting massive headaches that would send me home in head-pounding pain. I also started getting nauseated more easily, especially during sports.


After a few months of dealing with head and stomach pains, I finally saw my doctor and she immediately suggested my diet as the contributing problem to my pain.

Okay, as a headstrong 16-year-old I was slightly insulted. I was a 4 foot 11 active girl who did not look a bit overweight. I took her words super personally and blew her off.


Bad move right? Typical 16-year-old right there…


Another month of headaches went by and I finally decided to look at my diet. The first thing I cut out was fast-food. I thought that was the obvious “unhealthy” habit in my life. I was wrong. The headaches and pain continued…

Someone then suggested that I was not maintaining enough fluids in my body; she suggested I drink more water and cut out soda. Then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks!


Soda! Soda could be my unhealthy habit.


It was hard. It honestly sucked! But I quit soda cold turkey. I was fed up with the headaches squeezing my brain. And do you know what? After a few weeks of drinking WAY more water and ZERO soda, my headaches disappeared. Soda was not only dehydrating me but it was placing a ton of unneeded chemicals in my body. Who needs that?


Now, almost 8 years later, I have soda MAYBE twice a year. If I even have a sip of soda now it leaves a terrible burning sensation in my throat. It doesn’t taste smooth or refreshing anymore. The taste of soda now makes me realize why I drink water.

Sure soda can taste good, but do I really want those headaches again? Do I really want tons of unnecessary chemicals in my system?


The solution

Water is my go to drink now! I went from a soda addict to a water junkie. Crazy transformation, but I couldn’t be more pleased. I hardly get headaches and water helps maintain my weight, helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle, and seriously leaves me refreshed. I love it!

It’s time to say goodbye to soda and hello to water!