10 Clever Ways to Brighten your Child’s Day!

10 Clever Ways to Brighten your Child’s Day!

Let’s face it mommy life can get stressful! But sometimes we get so wrapped up in completing the day-to-day jobs, we forget to show our children just how much they mean to us. I mean we do laundry, cooking, cleaning, and a million other tasks because we love our kiddos, but the unfortunate truth is  that kids do not pay attention to those many tasks. So, we have 10 easy and clever ways you can brighten your child’s day because our kiddos deserve the very best!

1. Make a creative napkin for your child’s lunch.


2. Have a spontaneous water balloon fight.


3. Surprise your child with a new book.


4. Make a blanket fort with your children.


5. Make a super kid friendly dessert. Like dirt pudding.


6. Make homemade playdough.


7. Make chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of a smiley face for breakfast.


8. Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest.


9. Get messy and finger paint.


10. Take lunch outside with a picnic.


10 easy and clever ways to brighten your child's life! These are perfect for...