Twenty Birthday Party Ideas for Your Twenties

Twenty Birthday Party Ideas for Your Twenties

When you’re young and in your twenties you want really great birthday parties! We mean, who doesn’t enjoy having fun in their twenties?  WE DO!! So, we have thought of twenty birthday party ideas that are perfect for your twenties!

1. A bonfire

This can be a fun and laid-back way to celebrate your birthday; plus you get to eat s’mores!

twenty birthday party ideas bonfire

2. Bar hopping

Take your closest friends and go hopping around town to your favorite restaurants and/or bars.

twenty birthday party ideas bar hopping

3. A day on a lake

If your birthday falls in the spring or summer than this may be a perfect idea! Rent out a pontoon for the day and party on the water with your friends.

twenty birthday party ideas day on the lake

 4. A weekend getaway

This is always nice if you have some money saved up. You don’t need to go far to enjoy a weekend away.

twenty birthday party ideas a weekend away

5. A sleepover party

Have a high school flashback and invite your besties over for a good old fashion sleepover!

twenty birthday party ideas a sleepover party

6. A hiking trip

If you’re the outdoorsy type then grab some friends and go hiking for a day. After your hike, you can reward yourself with birthday cake!

twenty birthday party ideas hiking trip

7. A baking party

Pick out a few of your favorite dessert from Pinterest and invite your girlfriends over for a baking party. This can be lots of fun and can get pretty messy…

twenty birthday party ideas baking party

8. A sporting event

What better way to enjoy your birthday than watching your favorite sport live?

twenty birthday party ideas a sporting event

9. A trip to a winery

A nice Saturday trip to a winery is a relaxing and classy way to celebrate your birthday.

twenty birthday party ideas a winery

10. A craft party

Check out some crafts on Pinterest that you have always saved then invite your friends over for the challenge.

 twenty birthday party ideas a craft party

11. A board game party

Bring out your board game favorites and invite a couple of people over to have an ultimate board game night.

twenty birthday party ideas a board game party

12. A laser tag party

Laser tag isn’t just for middle schoolers! It’s quite funny to see grown adults do ninja-like moves when playing laser tag.

twenty birthday party ideas a laser tag party

13. A beach trip

If you live a few hours from a beach then take a drive to have a beach party for a day.

twenty birthday party ideas a beach weekend

14. A picnic party

On a nice day take your closest buddies out to a park to play some Frisbee and have a classic picnic.

twenty birthday party ideas a picnic

15. A minute to win it party

This party can be a hoot! Look up some of the funniest minute to win it games and make a party out of it.

twenty birthday party ideas a minute to win it party

16. A fishing trip

Some people love spending the day with their family and/or friends while fishing their favorite spots.

twenty birthday party ideas a fishing trip

17. A trip to the city

If you live in the suburbs then take a few friends into the city for the day. Or you could pick another town maybe an hour away and explore for the day.

twenty birthday party ideas a trip to a city

 18. A camping trip

If you’re a little adventurous then pack a bag, a tent, grab some friends, and explore the outdoors for a weekend.

twenty birthday party ideas camping

19. A decade-themed party

Pick your favorite decade and throw an awesome themed party. You could do the roaring 20’s, hippie 70’s, or the rocking 80’s.

twenty birthday party ideas a decades party

20. A movie marathon party

Pick a movie category and event your friends over to enjoy the fun. You could do an 80’s movie night, chick-flick movie night, or an epic Star Wars movie marathon.

twenty birthday party ideas movie night

20 birthday party ideas for your twenties! These are genius!