How to: Lectio Divinia – Praying with the Gospel

How to: Lectio Divinia – Praying with the Gospel

Lectio Divina has transformed our lives! It has allowed us to understand ourselves a bit better and understand our relationship with God. One of the best things about Lectio Divina is that it’s super easy to learn and easy to practice, but has remarkable outcomes!

So here’s our step by step guide to learning Lectio Divina:

1. Choose a quiet location

It’s all about picking a good location. Pick a quiet spot where you can concentrate and really give your heart and mind to Christ.  (A fun fact for you: one of our Yes Charm girls said she would pray in her bathroom at home because it was the quietest room in the house.)

Lectio Divina

 2. Choose a scripture passage

Technically you can choose any passage in the Bible, but for the best prayer experience, we recommend choosing a Gospel passage that has Jesus in it. This is because during Lectio it helps to envision the scene and many times envisioning Jesus’ face really helps us understand what He is trying to tell us.

lectio divina bible passage

3. Center your heart

Allow your thoughts and mind to become silent.  Place your full focus on Christ. It helps many of us to recite a small prayerful phrase a few times to help center our mind, heart, and soul. Phrases such as “Come Holy Spirit” or “Jesus I trust in You” work very well for us.

Lectio Divina center heart

4. Read the passage slowly, three times

Read your passage slowly, taking in each word. Take time to listen while reading. Listen for any phrase or word that grab your attention. Really place your focus on that passage and soak it all in.

lectio divina reading

5.  Imagine the scene or focus on a phrase

There are two ways you could really do Lectio. One is envisioning the scene (our personal favorite).  After reading the passage a few times, close your eyes and envision the scene in your imagination. Imagine the background, the weather, the location, the people in the scene, the people’s emotions. Then imagine Jesus. What does He look like? How is He looking at others? Then you enter the scene and you begin to imagine how Jesus looks, acts, and talks to you. Let Him guide you through this prayer.

The second option you could do is reflecting on the words.  You could reflect on a verse that stuck out to you while reading. Reflect on the words and ask God to guide you as you listen and take in the words.

lectio divina imagine

6. Speak to Christ

As you envision the scene or reflect on the words, speak to Christ. What comes to your heart? Tell what is on your mind. Let Christ know how this time with him has impacted you. Tell him whatever comes to your heart, He is fully there and fully listening.

lectio divina jesus

7.  Listen

Now take a few minutes to rest in His love. Shut your eyes and really just listen. Let him respond to your prayer and desires. This can be the hardest part because it requires a clear mind and perseverance to wait for Christ to speak to you.


8. Rest in His love

Thank God for spending much needed time with you. Let yourself just rest in his abundant love.

lectio divina love

Now, let this way of prayer transform your life! We suggest spending 20 minutes for just 7 days doing Lectio Divina and see how your relationship with God will blossom.


Lectio Divina