20 Easy Ways to Reach Your Step Goal

20 Easy Ways to Reach Your Step Goal

Ten thousand steps tend to be the recommended number of steps a person should aim for in a day. However, if you’re like most of us that goal can sometimes seem very far-fetched. To make it even worse a lot of us have desk jobs or long commute hours that do not help the situation.

We are going to help you make that 10,000-step goal a little more reachable. Here are 20 easy ways to reach your step goal.


1. Park your car away

Park your car towards the back of the parking lot to get in a few more steps.


2. Clean your house

Vacuuming your house will give you some extra steps.


3. Walk during lunch

Take a shorter lunch break to walk around the block.


4. Take the long way

When walking in a store or outside, take the long way back.


5. March in place

March in place when brushing your teeth.


6. Move every hour

Get up and move at least once an hour.


7. Have a dance party

There is no shame in blasting your music and having a dance party in your bedroom.


8. Walk the dog

Take your dog on a nice walk.


9. Walk to the store

If you live a few blocks away then walk to the store.


10. Get off a stop early

Get off the metro or the bus one stop early.


11. Play with kids

Playing with kids is a fun way to get in some more steps.


12. After dinner walks

Start doing nightly strolls after dinner.


13. March while watching TV

March in place when watching TV or at least during the commercials.


14. Take a lap around the store

Take an extra lap around the grocery store.


15. Pace

Pace when talking on the phone.


16. Go shopping

Take a walk around your mall or go window shopping downtown.


17. Take more trips

When unloading the car take multiple trips.


18. Use the restroom

When at work or even at home go to the restroom that is the farthest away.


19. Yard work

Mow your grass, plant flowers, or rake the leaves.


20. No drive-thru

Avoid the drive-thru at the bank, coffee place, or lunch spot.


20 easy ways you can reach your step goal!