How to Beat Homesickness In College

How to Beat Homesickness In College


Don’t let homesickness in college get you down!

With challenging classes, parties, and friendship drama there are times when there is no better thought than home. We go through times where we miss our loved ones, our own room, and most importantly our moms cooking! But, the key is not to let your feelings of homesickness ruin your time in school.

So here are our tips for combating homesickness in college:


Use FaceTime or Skype.

When you are missing the faces of your loved ones try to video-chat them. Even just a quick face-to-face hello can lift your spirits.


Hang photos of family and friends.

It’s a great feeling to have your room full of smiling faces of the people who love you the most. It can be a happy reminder to keep going when the times get tough.


Pump up the music.

College dorms are known for having music blasting… So, next time you’re feeling down, turn up your favorite tunes and have a jam sesh.


Treat yourself!

Sometimes you need a little me-time to lift your spirits. Treat yourself to a Netflix night with some take-out and enjoy yourself!


Give some phone calls.

Some of the nicest times in college were when we called our parents or even are grandparents just to check-in and say hello. Times like those help us remember why we are striving for a great education.


Try new activities.

When you’re feeling a little down branch out and try something new. Maybe join an event or club sport that you usually wouldn’t consider. This is a great way to build your confidence and meet new people.


Go workout.

Working out releases endorphins, which are chemicals that trigger positive feelings to your brain. Just think working out will combat homesickness, another motivator to take a trip to the gym!


Always remember to enjoy the moment and savor the time you have in college, because before you know it you will be walking down the aisle with a cap and gown.



Easy how-tos for beating homesickness in college!