70 Fall Activities That are Cheap and Fun

70 Fall Activities That are Cheap and Fun

When the leaves get colorful and the air gets crisp it’s time to accomplish some great fall activities. So, we put our brains together and came up with a list of the very best fall activities! These activities are not only a blast but, are budget friendly too. Cheers, to saving money and having fun! 

70 Fall Activities 

1. Go apple picking. 

2. Go on a hike. 

3. Go pumpkin picking. 

4. Hunt for colorful leaves. 

5. Make pumpkin bread. 

6. Carve pumpkins.

7. Go through a corn maze. 

8. Play a game of football. 

9. Jump in a pile of leaves. 

10. Attend a football game. 

11. Go fishing. 

12. Tailgate at a game. 

13. Make a homemade birdfeeder. 

14. Go ice-skating. 

15. Bake a homemade apple pie. 

16. Go apple bobbing. 

17. Make apple cider. 

18. Go thrift store shopping for a Halloween costume. 

19. Paint pumpkins instead of carving. 

20. Decorate your house for Halloween. 

21. Attend a fall harvest festival. 

22. Create construction paper leaves and decorate them. 

23. Make homemade apple butter. 

24. Tour a winery.

25. Learn how to crochet a basic scarf.

26. Take a trip to a lake. 

27. Go camping. 

28. Go for a bike ride. 

29. Explore a new town. 

30. Build a bonfire. 

40 more fall activities to choose from!

31. Collect pinecones. 

32. Collect acorns and then decorate them. 

33. Dry colorful leaves. 

34. Try to catch leaves as they are falling. 

35. Make a fall wreath. 

36. Visit a petting zoo. 

37. Visit a farm. 

38. Go on a picnic. 

39. Attend an Octoberfest. 

40. Roast pumpkin seeds. 

41. Make caramel apples. 

42. Make pumpkin scones. 

43. Take a scenic drive. 

44. Make leaf sugar cookies. 

45. Go star gazing. 

46. Make chili or even better, attend a chili cook-off. 

47. Have a fall photo shoot. 

48. Get fall scented candles for your home. 

49. Go to a haunted house. 

50. Take a walk around town. 

51. Make homemade trail mix. 

52. Go on a hayride. 

53. Make a new recipe for Thanksgiving. 

54. Get a  pumpkin spice latte. 

55. Make homemade hot chocolate. 

56. Catch fireflies at night. 

57. Play flashlight tag at night. 

58.  Have a leaf hunt for one leaf in every color. 

59. Read outside. 

60. Take your dog to the park. 

61. Make a leaf fort. 

62. Paint your nails a fall color. 

63. Make your favorite pumpkin pie recipe. 

64. Watch A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. 

65. Attend a wine festival. 

67. Paint a picture using leaves

68. Attend a folk festival.

69. Play corn hole. 

70. Bake apple chips. 

70 fall activities that are cheap and fun!