Is your Phone Harming your Relationship?

Is your Phone Harming your Relationship?


In a tech-centered world, our phones are always by our side. We use them for almost everything, from calling to checking our social media accounts. But sometimes our attachment to them can start interfering with our love life. Then we have what we call “phone harming relationship” problems…. No fun. But, we have some pointers for you!

Here are 5 ways your phone can harm your relationship:


Having lengthy conversations over texting.

Texting your boyfriend what you need at the store is one thing. While having intense conversations over texting is a whole other thing. The problem with texting is a person’s tone and words can easily be misunderstood. Texting is great for quick things, but when it comes to trying to have a serious conversation keep it in person.


Checking your phone during dinner.

Unfortunately, this is a HUGE problem in our society! Just look around you next time you’re in a restaurant… During dates or family dinners put the phone away. You cannot give someone your undivided attention if you’re checking your phone. Plus, it will make his day that you admire him so much that your phone is of no importance.


Posting too many photos with bae.

You and your man do look adorable in your photos, but instead of sharing them on Instagram for all to see, try saving some just for you two. In fact, you could make a good old-fashioned photo album. Keeping some photos of good memories just for you two is a simple way to keep your relationship special and intimate.


Messaging other men more than your BF.

Some of us have a really good guy friend who is NOT our boyfriend. There is nothing necessarily wrong about that, but if you are messaging and snap-chatting this other guy more than your man, then you have a problem. You should desire for your boyfriend to be the number one man in your life (other than God). And if you can’t put him first when messaging then you’re probably not putting him first in other aspects of your relationship.


Using your phone while someone is talking.

This can be down right rude. When someone else is trying to have a conversation with you PUT THE PHONE DOWN. It’s a huge sign of disrespect when you put your phone before the person who is trying to personally reach out to you. Take your relationship seriously and put the phone away when talking.


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