3 Simple Yet Powerful Morning Prayers

3 Simple Yet Powerful Morning Prayers

There is no better way to start the day than with a morning prayer! But, if you’re anything like us your mornings are packed full with things to do. Instead of putting prayer on the back-burner check out our 3 simple morning prayers. These beauties may be short, but trust us they’re powerful!

A Morning Prayer

This Morning Prayer is only three sentences long, but it covers a whole lot! It asks for God to lead you as you begin the day. Then it appeals for God’s guidance throughout your daily choices. Lastly, it invokes His name to help you bring Christ to others.

A simple morning prayer!

What a beautiful little prayer!

Lead Me Lord

We just love the power behind this glorious prayer! The second line makes you feel empowered and loved immediately as you say it. God’s love most definitely comes through in this prayer. And it only takes a few seconds to say it!

Lead Me Lord. A Morning Prayer!

Prayer To Start The Day

If we had to pick one word that best describes this prayer it would be confidence! This prayer is a testament to how we are never alone. It reminds us that the Lord has given us everything we need to reach everlasting life. This prayer builds us up, as we start our day!

Morning Prayers are the best!

You cannot go wrong with this prayer!