It’s no secret that fall is our favorite season. With the crisp cool air and colorful leaves, what’s not to love?

So here are 10 reasons why the fall rocks!

1. Pumpkin spice everything.

Fall is when it becomes socially acceptable to enjoy pumpkin spice everything. Literally, everything from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin spice pasta sauce. Seriously pumpkin sauce is a real thing!


2. Colorful leaves.

Leaves in orange, yellow, red, brown, and all the colors in-between make for a beautiful landscape. Plus, you can make tons of crafts with the colorful leaves so you can enjoy their color year round!


3. Layering

It’s all about those layers. Fall is the time where you can wear a tank, a flowy shirt, a cardigan and totally be on point! This is just the perfect time of the year for those ladies who like to have a cardigan in every color… You know who you are.


4. Pumpkins

Only true fall-lovers understand the pure joy that comes forth when you discover the pumpkin patch is open. Just think of the endless things you can do with a pumpkin! You could make pumpkin bread, roast pumpkin seeds, or carve a jack-o-lantern. Fall is pumpkin time!


5. Girl, the weather!

The crisp refreshing fall weather makes us want to jump in leaves for hours! Or go outside and take a nice long walk in the woods. Make sure you take some time to enjoy it because it leaves fast.


6. Halloween

It’s always fun to dress up as one of your most favorite characters. Plus, you get tons of delicious candy! Whether you’re going bar hopping or trick-or-treating with your kids Halloween is always a blast.


7. Boots are back!

Boots can be a lovely obsession… With gorgeous riding boots, tall high-heeled boots, ankle  booties, comfy Uggs, and mid-calf boots the fall boot selection is endless! Is it just us or do boots just get cuter and cuter every year?


8. Football

You know it’s fall time when becomes perfectly acceptable to wear a gaudy oversized jersey to the grocery store to pick up a plethora of chips and salsa. And let’s not forget the fun of tailgating!


9. Apple Picking

Apple picking is absolutely amazing! Not many activities are perfect for families, couples, or friends! Be careful, with all those delicious apples around you it is easy to get carried away.


10. Toasty Bonfires

There is no better smell than fresh wood being burned on a giant bonfire. You can roast dinner, make s’mores, or gather around telling stories. We can’t think of a better way to spend a fall evening!



10 perfect reasons why the fall rocks!