We asked some young women what they look for in a man and their answers were striking! As we read over their responses something came to our mind. Many women have these wonderful expectations, hopes, and dreams but our society does not share these values. Rather they push their own agenda on women.

We live in a society where a new wave feminism is pushed claiming women need to be just like men in order to be strong and confident females. Or examples such as the Kardashians and Beyoncé are seen as idols or #goals when they are merely pop culture sex symbols.

With these things in our culture, it’s very easy to start losing ourselves. It is easy for our minds to get clouded with the desire to be famous, sexy, and always on point. Our standards and values may slip a little as we try to fit in with what the media claims as beautiful.

We lose ourselves

As we start feeding into what the media is pushing on us our standards and expectations for a man start slipping as well. It’s a vicious chain reaction. Instead of looking for the right man, we start looking for someone who will tell us we’re “hot”.  Or a man who could make us rich and famous. Or maybe someone who could just be physical.

As you read these responses, from women opening their hearts to what they truly look for in a man, look deep into what your heart truly desires. Do you want someone who will call you “sexy” or do you want someone who will be a strong father to your future children? Look deep down and meditate on what qualities and aspects you truly want in a man.


“I look for someone with a good sense of humor. I also want someone who respects women and not only does this through his charm but with his actions. Basically,  I’m looking for a true gentleman” – 23 years old

“I look for qualities that would suggest he’d be a good father. Things like courage, loyalty, and perseverance in the face of difficulties. Someone I could depend on in good times as well as bad times.” -23 years old

“I would like a man with a good sense of humor and a strong faith” -19 years old

“I’m waiting for the man who I can 100% trust, who is selfless, is capable of intellectual conversations, loves me in good times as well as bad, and can make me laugh until my sides hurt. I’ve been in relationships, which have lacked some of these qualities, and it simply doesn’t work. I’m a strong woman and I am willing to wait; I refuse to settle for less than I deserve.” – 24 years old

“Someone who is ambitious and kind. And of course on fire with his faith” -23 years old

“This may sound cheesy, but I honestly look for someone who will lead me and my future family closer to Christ. I want a man who is not afraid to pray with me or take me to church. I also look for genuine kindness, courage, and he has to be down to have a good time and be goofy sometimes.” -22 years old


Women reveal what they look for in a man.